Trip to India of the Club Club de la Aguja: Vicente Ferrer Foundation, November 2017

We have just arrived from a wonderful Trip to India that ends three days in Anantapur, South India at the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

After eight days of travel through Rajasthan (see the other post) full of color, light and joy, we arrived at Anantapur where we could find ourselves in an absolutely spiritual journey. Nothing will be the same again. There will be one before and one after.

Our link with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation dates from twelve years ago in which the Needle Club has collaborated faithfully with different projects of the Foundation.

On this trip, 22 people linked to the Club de la Aguja, we have seen firsthand the magnificent work that the Association makes to get the most disadvantaged in India have a more human treatment. That they have the same opportunities as us all. An arduous and difficult task that with a practical and intelligent structure reaches more than 3 million people.

A large dose of monetary help is needed to carry it out and that is where we can help and put our grain of sand on this great project.

When Christmas arrives, at the Needle Club we prepare a large collection to help the Foundation. We have bought bicycles, sewing machines, houses, ambulance, bathrooms … etc. And now, we have been fortunate to see the results and receive the acknowledgments of all the beneficiaries. This year we will collaborate with the orphanage of the Foundation. We hope your collaboration.

The iusion and joy of all these people will be reflected in these few photos that we share with you with great enthusiasm!



After a talk with Ana Ferrer and Jordi Folgado, they gave us this Diploma of recognition and appreciation of our collaboration these 12 years.

We were very excited because it has been a difficult task but we got it!




In this photo, we see the beneficiaries of the Woman to Woman program that we did last year. In this project, for € 9 a month for 7 years we help a woman to have her own business and with it to believe in herself and be able to help and support her family. From here you thank all those who collaborated in the project and ask for more collaborations to reach more disadvantaged women.


Those dressed in green sari, are the ones who used the money to buy materials to make these beautiful baskets that they sell in the markets. They make 20 a week.


Those in red sari have bought a buffalo to taste the milk that they then sell in the market. Here in the photo, the husband of the graceful who was superhuman to be able to have the Buffalo!

He went to look for her at his house so we could photograph her!



When arriving at the town we found ourselves with the mural that we did hanging in a placita to commemorate the act.


The group of those who collaborate with the Woman to Woman Program, super excited to see our quilt there.


Indian women, ecstatic with the quilt and with our visit. It was a great party for everyone.


The next day we moved to another town to see the bathrooms that we financed two years ago. The families, women in front and men behind thank you for your collaboration!


A mom with her son in front of her bathroom, very very happy.


The girls of the town, also understood that we were the architects of the toilets …


Another mom at the door of her bathroom …


And this elderly lady, so elegantly dressed, shows us her house financed by our contribution of 2006


Photo of the orphaned girls of parents dead of AIDS! Look at the faces of joy !!!!

This Christmas 2017, the Club de la Aguja will collaborate with this project. We are waiting for your help !!!



It’s fair???IMG_2190-club-de-la-aguja

What will become of them ????



The whole group of the Club de la Aguja with Vicente Folgado, nephew of Vicente Ferrer and with Moncho, the son of Vicente, said goodbye to three powerful days of emotion and spirituality and with great enthusiasm to continue collaborating with them. We will stay with our arms crossed ???

We are looking forward to your collaboration this Christmas!




If you want to see the photos of the first part of the trip:

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