New scarf for next winter
A good thing to do during the summer!

A new model we have recently brought from United States!!!                                                                    It’s a nice scarf to have already prepared for Christmas gifts.                                                                    Simple, easy to do in with a little attention!                                                                    We have it prepared it in a kit with these colors… While last!                                                                    However, you can choose your own colors.  

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International Knitting in Public Day was a success!
We came out in the newspaper!

Against all odds we could successfully hold the International Day Knit in Public at the Club de la Aguja! Saturday should be raining and it didn’t rain! We should cover some benches with your squares of wool and sit in the street to knit, but this could not be! We ask permission to the City…

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“Less is More”, Menos es Más es el nuevo nombre que hemos dado a nuestra nueva colcha….

This new patchwork quilt, which we are very proud of, makes us remember the phrase–leitmotif and philosophy of Mies Van der Rohe, Less is More. Relatively speaking, and putting ourselves in the world of patchwork, we see similarities in our conception of this piece with the conception of Mies Van der Rohe’s Pavilion, built in Barcelona…

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