“Color and Absence of Color”
We won the best Collective Quilt award at the Patchwork Festival of Sitges

Ten students from the Club de la Aguja of Barcelona, have made this magnificent modern Patchwork quilt. Each one has made a piece of 30 cm by 2 m with a line of preconceived design and colors but free run. It has been an exercise in creativity and mastery of impressive patchwork. The result has been…

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Enjoying the Monograph of Sashiko at the Club de la Aguja

20 students outdid themselves! In addition to learning a lot about Japanese textile culture, they managed to draw with pencil and ruler all scheduled stitch design Sashiko masterfully. Congratulations to all for getting meditate, have a moment of peace and understand that stitches are not only Sashiko stitches, but behind them there is a whole…

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